Little Oak Animal

Little Oak Animal is an audio/visual collaboration between Toronto artists Robert Cruickshank (projections) and Dafydd Hughes (sound). Our improvised performances blend computer-generated audio with hand-manipulated images from slides and Super-8 film. Rather than allow one element or the other to take precedence, we try to set up a performance space where we follow each other, with the goal of collaboratively building some kind of narrative in real time.

The sound is sourced from field recordings and then heavily manipulated in software; its digital nature is balanced by Cruickshank’s visual techniques, derived from photographic darkroom processes such as dodging and burning, skills that are quickly disappearing.

While Little Oak Animal performances usually take the form of longer improvised sets, structured loosely as a result of the quasi-random sequencing of the slides, we took this opportunity to create a series of shorter pieces, each based on a careful pairing of only two images and a restricted pool of sonic elements.