Will the Airline Industry Survive the COVID Crisis?

COVID 19 has brought problems to planet Earth. I keep saying this. When will this issue end? We all just have to be hopeful and pray the sad times are over.

How is the airline industry holding up in this crisis? Some reports are favorable; other reports are not so favorable.

Several planes from Brussels Airlines have been doing nothing as a result of the tarmac at Brussels Airport.

This was a horrible week for the airline industry. The news that we got was quite sad.

How the Airline Industry Tries to Survive in this COVID Crisis

Rolls Royce made it known that about nine thousand jobs had to go. The pilots from Brussels airlines stated they could manage a cut of 45% for them not to lose their jobs and to stay employed. Air France stated it would phase out all Airbus A380 fleets.

The report from PricewaterhouseCoopers states that about sixty percent of its airline fleets are not moving. Imagine about eighteen thousand airlines not working at all—just sitting gathering dust in hangars around the world.

2020 could see global passenger numbers reduce to levels that have not been seen since the 1970s. At that time, no one flew anywhere. Due to a lack of stable sources of income, 2020 might make some airlines stop, chop, and leave the airline industry completely.

What Happens to Airlines that Survive?

Those that can weather this storm would have to get brand new methods of getting their passengers and to get used to this new uncertain normalcy. Some airlines would insist they need to check your temperatures before you enter their planes. Face masks are necessary for you to be on board, and the toilets wouldn’t be able to stand any queues. There are still arguments going on. Should the middle seat be free, and should food and drinks still be served as you travel?

The entire airline and travel industry are quite low at this point. From research, holiday companies and airlines both try to delay and deny, and some even frustrate clients because of canceled flights.

How Would Tourism Work this Year?

The entire world and the airline industry want to throw 2020 into the toilet. But before this happens, there’s an important holiday season which needs to take place in the northern hemisphere. Do we think that the holiday can be saved?

This could still be saved. Greece and Italy are trying their best to open their sectors that handle tourism. Athens in June publicly announced that tourists are free to come to visit, and international flights continued at the beginning of July. Some airlines like EasyJet have been trying to resume, starting with using small flights from the middle of June. Ryanair also stated that it would resume most of its services in July.

Even if all the airlines resume or survive this COVID Crisis, not all travelers would be willing to risk traveling by air. Everyone is scared the number of Coronavirus patients could increase again. No one wants to be locked down at home any more.