Why You Should Visit Berlin for the Holidays

Berlin is one of Europe’s biggest and most popular cities, and whether we like to admit it or not, the number of tourists and visitors yearly just keeps increasing. The land is rich in memorable history and revolutionary stories that will fascinate and interest you. If you’re planning to take a trip to Berlin anytime soon, here are some of the exciting things you’d love to see.

1. You will get to see the home of techno

Although techno may not have originated from Berlin, it is famed and popularized in the city. Berlin boasts of extravagant clubs with great partying intensity. You have to prepare your mind and body for maximum enjoyment and fun if you’re going there.

2. The magnificent and historic gate

Brandenburger Tor is one of the most memorable attractions in Berlin, and this is not just because it is old, but because it has gone through different phases of war, peace, love, and celebration. The gate saw Napoleon’s army through the war, passed through a stage of being torn apart by Ronald Reagan, and several other events.

3. The home of exquisite fashion

The people of Berlin have a strong taste in fashion. You can see that from some of the movies that were shot or produced in the city. The fascinating part is that most of the fashion ideas originated from other countries and were expounded here. Berlin is the place to go if you want to revive your wardrobe.

4. You can stay up all night

Do you want to drink all night at a bar? Do you want to club through the night every day? Do you want to enjoy a beautiful day at the casino all day long and all night? Well, Berlin should be your top choice because there is no closing time here. If you want to be the last person to leave the bars and restaurants, you should prepare to stay there for days. Just check ahead to see if venues are still open during the pandemic.

5. An island of museums

The Unesco Heritage Museum Island in Berlin is home to five prominent museums that exhibit some of the world’s most fascinating antique gems. The museums are the Bode Museum, the Neues Museum, the Pergamon Museum, and the two others.

6. Historical events and sites where they happened

If for nothing at all, you should be interested in seeing Berlin for the Holocaust that took the life of Jews many years ago. Over 6 million Jews lost their lives. You can see the sight where it all happened and get a clearer picture of what the history books say about the legend.

7. The gigantic airport turned park

Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport was once one of the city’s most used airports until 2008 when it was permanently closed. The massive space has been converted into a place where both tourists and citizens can have maximum fun and relaxation. The park houses several rides and holds several events.

Berlin is a fantastic place to spend your holidays, so whenever you decide to visit, ensure that you touch at least three of the sites listed above.