Why is the Study of Health Relevant to Geography?

Now, most people won’t ever think of putting health and geography together. How does it go together, and why is the study of health relevant to geography? In this article, you will learn the significance of health and geography together, and why they influence each other in a unique and special way.  

What is Health Geography?

Health geography comes under the guise of geography. This is the study of a person’s health and safety and how it coincides with the environment that they live in. It is important to understand that where you live, the climate, terrain, and geographical location do play a major role in deciding what your health will be like. Evolution in the human species occurs when humans learn to evolve based on the terrain they live on, so it’s not something that is new or undiscovered.

This is a study that has been going on for decades. Scientists have figured out why people from one area may have a difference in their anatomy, whereas someone from a different terrain may have something completely different. It’s the adaptability that is the most amazing thing about humans, and that is what health geography focuses on.

Why is Health Relevant to Geography?

Now that you are aware of the relevance of health geography, it is necessary to know why the study of health is relevant to the geography of where you live.

It Helps Identify Disease

Where you live or the geography of your environment is really important in knowing the history of illness in your community. If your community has survived long in that environment, then there may be a disease that only your community may be susceptible to, or allergies that maybe only affect you. This helps you know and identify faster if you show any symptoms, because the professionals will be able to identify the illness according to your geographical location.

Healthcare Provision

Healthcare differs from place to place. The healthcare that you may get in Canada may not be the same that you may get in their neighbouring country America. This is why it is necessary to know why health is relevant in geography, because where you live can impact the kind of healthcare services you may get.

Disease Tracking

The most important aspect of health and geography correlation is that it helps in tracking particular diseases in different environments and geographies. A single disease may claim more lives in one place than another, and there has to be a reason for it. Thus, disease tracking can be done through health geography to figure out why and to try to place preventative methods to stop major loss of life from occurring.

The study of health relevant to geography has been explained with the three major points highlighted. It is necessary to acknowledge that where you live and the health risks that come with it may vary from place to place, so be aware and be prepared.