Which Should You Choose? A Orlando or Miami Vacation?

Orlando and Miami have both been long standing Florida vacation hotspots. If you’re in Florida and you haven’t been to either of these cities, we strongly urge you to read on to decide whether you’d like to go for your next vacation to Orlando or Miami. Both have their own appeal, and we’ve mentioned all the great qualities of both the cities for you to see which ones click with you more to help you in picking. Before you do, here are the two major factors you might want to consider.

Entertainment Options


If you’re the type who loves theme parks, Orlando is home to the best theme parks of the world – Disney World and Universal Studios. Orlando also hosts great options for you if you like to watch the animals and sea life. Namely, it features the famous Gatorland, which is a huge park filled with alligators that perform in exciting shows. And you definitely don’t want to miss the Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando; it’s 360 degree ocean tunnel is a wonder to look at, if you are a fan of ocean creatures.


Coming to Miami, it offers no less in entertainment, albeit a little different. You’re probably already thinking about it and it’s one of the main reasons you’re tilting towards Miami – the beach! If the type of entertainment you’re looking for is to just sit back and relax on the coast of a beautiful sunny beach, then Miami is a better fit for you. After the beach, the top consideration for going to Miami is its nightlife, if you want to dance the night away while partying. And it also hosts a wonderful aquarium by the name of Miami Seaquarium, which has fun activities like feeding sharks and dolphin shows. And if you’d like to see more animals while in Miami, be sure to check out Jungle Island and Lion Country Safari.

Dining Options


Let’s face it, you can’t just decide between Orlando or Miami without considering what kind of cuisine they offer.

When it comes to Miami, you’ll get to taste delicious Cuban and Latin American recipes, we’ve found La Cerveceria De Barrio Mexican Food and La Cerveceria de Barrio Ocean Drive to be ideal places to eat at right at the beach while also enjoying those crazy bars we talked about earlier.


Orlando on the other hand offers a wide variety of restaurants, much like any other urban city. You can find the likes of pizza parlors to small Indian restaurants depending on your palate. For pizza we recommend the NYPD Pizza and the O’Kenan Restaurant if you’re hungry for some Venezuelan cuisine.

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