Where Can I Travel without a Passport?

No passport? No problem. You can travel to some places even if you don’t have a passport but you still fancy travelling far away overseas to an exotic destination.

So where can I travel without a passport?

Top of our list is Puerto Rico. This beautiful island is an unincorporated territory of the USA and this means that you don’t need to show your passport to travel here.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico in the Caribbean is a fantastic destination for a holiday. Magnificent scenery, sky blue seas and unspoilt beaches makes this island the perfect vacation destination. And the fact that airfares are cheap and easy to book makes Puerto Rico very popular with US visitors.

The island may become incorporated as a State one day, so you won’t need to consider your passport at all.  Until that happens, you can still travel here without showing your passport.

United States Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is open to US visitors. So if you are asking where I can travel without a passport, this is another easy solution. There are three main islands to choose from; St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John plus some smaller islands to visit and explore.

Upmarket, varied and endlessly hospitable, the US Virgin Islands has something to appeal all tastes. You will not be allowed to visit the nearby British Virgin Islands without a passport but with so many islands to visit here already why would you want to?


Guam is known as a military base but it is also a popular holiday destination for American and Japanese visitors. Guam is fantastic for divers and for snorkelling and there are some great unspoilt beaches as well as plenty of nightlife and beautiful hotels. Flights to Guam are expensive which does put off some visitors but once you get here, accommodation and the cost of eating out is relatively cheap.

Northern Mariana Islands

These Micronesian Islands have had a complex history being first colonised by the Spanish, then Japan in WW2 and finally the USA following the battle of Saipan. As you may expect there are war memorials and museums based on Saipan which are interesting to war buffs, but these days the islands make most of their money through tourism from the USA as well as Japan and Korea.

Great for diving, scenery and wildlife the islands have plenty to offer the visitor as well as top class hotels and entertainment.

American Samoa

American Samoa is the final and furthest destination in our list and is arguably the most spectacular. There are five volcanic islands and two atolls in the archipelago and if you want to escape the beaten track this is a fantastic place for a vacation. Expect hidden coves, unspoilt beaches, weird lava formations and plenty of authentic Samoan culture and cuisine if you look for it.

So where can I travel without a passport? These fantastic exotic destinations give you a great choice of vacation to suit all tastes and budgets, so you can still travel overseas without leaving your home country!