What Travel Bans Have Been Lifted This Year?

As the health situation improves in some regions across the USA and the world at large, some travel bans are slowly being lifted. That said it is important to stay informed with the COVID situation because as we all know, things can change very fast. 

So what travel bans have been lifted this year? Let’s take a quick look. 

Travel across the USA has varied depending on the State. However the quarantine periods, originally set at 14 days have been reduced to ten days and may be waived completely if you have proof of vaccine or can show a negative test result. 

States with flexible self-quarantine rules include Alaska, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. You will need to show your COVID status (negative test result or vaccine certificate) in order to avoid a fine. 

Some states are accepting visitors from low risk states without the proof of a negative COVID test. These destinations include: Hawaii, Missouri, Oregon, Puerto Rico and Washington. 

In Hawaii for example people can enter without a diagnostic test if they have received the vaccine. However California is recommending 10 day quarantine for visitors and returning residents. Disneyland is open for business but is only currently open to Californian residents and this will depend upon the ongoing situation. 

For travellers further afield, the Caribbean is slowly getting back to normal. Most countries require a pre arrival Covid test in order to enter the country quarantine free. 

The Dominican Republic has reduced entry requirements even further in a bid to attract tourism and although guests are advised to take an aleatory breath test this is not a mandatory requirement.

Belize does not require a COVID diagnostic test if you have the proof of vaccine. 

Mexico does not require proof of vaccine or any testing at all. Americans are banned from crossing into Mexico by land but you can fly there without any restrictions. You will need to take a PCR test on return to the USA. 

The position in Europe is still unclear. And with the high rate of new local outbreaks and strain variants popping up in various countries it seems likely that European travel plans will need to be put on hold for the near future.

The exception is Iceland. This small island country is welcoming visitors as long as they have been vaccinated, but you will not be able to then travel into other European countries as these are still out of bounds to US visitors. 

Another small island country welcoming visitors is the Seychelles. Again you will need to show proof of vaccination but with the exception of South African travellers, most international visitors can enter the country without restriction.

Likewise the Maldives is open to visitors who have a valid PCR test. This only covers you for staying on one island – you are not allowed to travel to other islands.