What to Bring on a Roadtrip

Nothing fills our hearts with as much joy as the prospect of going on a road trip! 

According to seasoned road trippers, here are some must have items you should always bring along with you. 

Insulated water bottle: You can’t always stop and buy water when you are out on the road and are thirsty so take your water with you and keep it at the right temperature. Alternatively you can use an insulated bottle for hot drinks such as coffee. 

Baby Wipes: These are great for so many purposes and if you are stuck somewhere without a shower or washing facilities, they can make you feel surprisingly fresh and clean. They are also handy for wiping up spills on surfaces. 

Roadside Emergency Kit: Sometimes things go wrong on a road trip so make sure you can cope with it when they do. A roadside emergency kit with some jump leads, spare bulbs, engine oil and a tire gauge will help keep you on the road and should be part of everyone’s emergency spare kit. You can buy emergency kits from Amazon. 

Flat Tire Sealant: An important part of your emergency kit that will keep you on the road until you can get to a garage. Fix a Flat is easy to use and extremely effective. It seals and inflates the tire so you don’t need to bother packing a jack. 

Phone chargers and cables: You don’t want to run out of power on your road trip so don’t forget these essential charging devices. 

In car entertainment: your playlist or audio books. It can be fun to download your own playlist for your roadtrip. Alternatively treat yourself to that new album or download an audio book to get you through those parts of the journey that drag. 

Travel book: Buying a guide book for the area you are driving through can help you maximise the experience by highlighting points of interest. It can be fun to plan your trip around must see sights along the way. 

Waterproof jacket: This is essential because it means that you can still get out and about even in wet weather, without filling the car with wet clothes! 

Nomadix Travel Towel: This is a handy and versatile towel that can also be used as a blanket or as an attractive throw. Because it is quick drying and packs away into very little space it is ideal for a road trip where anything can happen and often does. 

Sunscreen: It is easy to forget your sunscreen but if you do you may end up sun burnt and uncomfortable. Not good when you are travelling for hours in the car. 

Travel Pillow: It can be tiring on a road trip. A comfy travel pillow will help you grab some sleep if you need to take a break from driving. There are plenty to choose from. We like the Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow which is designed for the purpose and is not only comfortable; it takes up very little space.