What is the World’s Largest Landlocked Harbor?

Are you familiar with the term “harbor” and what purpose it has? A harbor is an area where ships and cargo are landed and placed. A harbor is often used interchangeably with the word “port,” which is a place where people pile up cargo and unload containers. 

A landlocked harbor is the one that has most of its sides surrounded by land and is situated nearby a body of water that flows out to the sea through a water canal. It is required for aiding the main harbors so that the hassle of landing ships can be avoided. 

It turns out that San Francisco Bay is the world’s largest landlocked harbor.

More About San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay lies within Western California. It is enclosed within the Bay Area, surrounded by cities such as Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. This Bay helps half of California drain its water and it is linked with the biggest oceans in the world, the Pacific Ocean. 

The Golden Gate Bridge connects these two waterways. An area from about 1000km2 to 4000km2 is covered by the San Francisco Bay, making it the world’s largest landlocked bay. It covers a total length of around 60 miles, and its width is approximately 3 to 12 miles. The coast, which lies on the western and eastern sides of the San Francisco Bay, is connected by the bridges. The Sacramento River and Napa River are linked with the San Francisco Bay.

Islands in the San Francisco Bay

The San Francisco Bay majorly consists of five main islands. The largest island is Alameda, which was made in 1901. Another is the Angel Island, which is also nicknamed Ellis Island West, because it facilitated the people who migrated from East Asia. 

Yerba Buena Island connects the eastern and western parts of Oakland Bay Bridge. Other than this, Treasure Island is the one located in the north. This island is not natural; also the land is plain and flat. 

Amidst the center of the San Francisco Bay lies Alcatraz Island. It is a major tourist attraction and attracts a wide range of people from all over the world.

Lastly, another one of the islands is more like a headland, which lies in the north of bay, known as Mare Island.

Entertainment Spots

San Francisco Bay is an ideal travel destination for people interested in sailing, windsurfing, yachting, and participating in other sporting and leisure activities. The San Francisco Bay Trail is constructed that will permit the visitors to move around the coastline. The San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail is also  being made to facilitate smaller boats. 

There are several parks and reserves located around the Bay, including East Shore State Park, Cesar Chavez Park, Eden Landing Ecological Reserve, and Crown Memorial State Beach. There is also a check for the fish usually obtained from the San Francisco Bay to look for the amount of PCBs and mercury found in them.

San Francisco Bay can be surely counted as the world’s largest landlocked harbor due to many reasons. Its length, width, the area which it covers, the number of islands located in it, the rivers associated, and several other factors account for this fact.

What do you look forward to seeing when you visit what is the world’s largest landlocked harbor?