What is the Most Photographed Monument in the World?

Ever wondered what the most photographed monument in the world is? Even if you haven’t, many would be able to guess it on the very first try. Many buildings stand tall with all their glory and historical importance attached to them, but out of all these one attracts the most attention. Yes, you guessed it right, it is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It is the most famous building and structure that is recognized by people all over the globe. Many other monuments are also famous and photographed, but the Eiffel Tower remains the sole most photographed monument in the world.

Why People Love the Eiffel Tower

It’s no secret that the 81-story building of the Eiffel Tower, located in the city of Paris, allures an unimaginable number of people. The tall tower stands 324 meters high. And in a world where social media has become an important part of life, whomever visits this monument is likely to photograph it. It is also attractive to many as it is known as the “symbol of love” and so many people come with their partners and feel that an air of romance surrounds the tower. Many of these people also bring their partners as a surprise and propose marriage there, photographing the tower as they capture one of the happiest memories of their relationship.

With its beautiful architecture and breathtaking lights, it remains the most attractive and the most photographed monument in the world. In the year 2015 alone, approximately 6.9 million people visited the tower. If the amount of people who visited it is counted in its entirety, about 250 million people have visited the landmark since it was constructed in the year of 1889. On average, there is a total of 25,000 different people who ascend this building daily. In fact, Cornell University conducted their research to figure out the most photographed monument in the word and found that 35 million photos of the Eiffel Tower were posted by 300,000 people on the site of Flickr.

Other Famous Monuments

There are many other famous monuments, but they can’t compete with the Eiffel Tower. However, they’re still photographed often and attract thousands of people each year. Here are the top 3.

Big Ben

The Big Ben clock tower in the UK, which is a cultural landmark, is also one of the most popular and photographed monuments (but it is still not THE most photographed monument in the world.)

The Louvre

In France, the Louvre is also one of the most well-known sightseeing spots in France, along with the Mona Lisa painting and innumerable other masterpieces and historic sites.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building in the U.S. has the most enchanting view of the skyline and attracts about 3.5 million people each year.

Hence, with the emergence of taller buildings, better architectures, and evolving structures, the Eiffel Tower still stands tall as the most photographed monument in the world. Its beauty doesn’t fade away or become outdated, still attracting people from throughout the world, compelling them to visit and photograph it.

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