What Is the Longest Hiking-Only Trail in the World?

Yes, we know the longest hiking trail in the world is the Appalachian Trail. Calm down. The article is not going to talk about just that one. That trail is an American classic, but we want to share some information about others like it. They are not as long, but they do their best according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Guinness Book of World Records also talks about another trail that seems to be longer than the Appalachian Trail. This is the Pacific Crest Trail that can be found on the West coast of the United States. But this title would soon change because as you read, the Continental Divide Trail would take this title after it is ready for use.

List of Long Hiking-Only Trails in the World

This list aims to help you think about touring the world—to enjoy grand hiking trips. In addition to the trails already mentioned, these are the longest trails around the world.

1. Trans Canada Trail (Canada)

The Trans Canada Trail was officially renamed The Great Trail of Canada in September of 2016. This trail is 14,912 miles long, and after it is finished, it will be 24,000 km in length.

Trans Canada combines recreational trails that are joined from different coasts.

2. Grand Italian Trail (Italy)

The Grand Italian Trail has 3,700 miles or 5,954 km. This covers the length of the boot-shaped nation we all love.

3. Hokkaidō Nature Trail (Japan)

Hokkaidō Nature Trail is 2,849 miles or 4,585 km in length.

It winds around Hokkaidō Island. It takes you to volcanoes and hot springs. You’ll also get to enjoy beautiful views of the ocean.

4. Tōhoku Nature Trail (Japan)

Tōhoku Nature Trail is 2,718 miles or 4,374 km long.

South of the Hokkaidō, this trail can be seen through the northern part of the major Island of Honshu. The Tōhoku Nature Trail looks like a huge big loop that has different attached parts.

5. Chubu Hokuriku Trail (Japan)

Chubu Hokuriku Trail is 2,505 miles or 4,029 km in length.

The Chubu Hokuriku can be found in the middle of the nation. Moving to the NW of Tokyo and the west. Enjoy coastal views and mountains as you pass this trail.

6. Kinki Nature Trail (Japan)

Kinki Nature Trail is 2,045 miles or 3,291 km long.

It can be found at the Chubu Hokuriku trail, in the southern part of Japan. It winds and loops around Kyoto and Osaka. This trail looks like the coastline that can be found on either side of an island.

7. Te Araroa Trail (New Zealand)

Te Araroa Trail has 1,894 miles or 3,048 km

Crossing through the country, this trail runs through and up from the northern tip of the island in the north to the southern tip of the island in the south.

8. Kyushu Nature Trail (Japan)

Kyushu Nature Trail has 1,607 miles or 2,586 km

This trail can be used to check out the mountains and coast of Kyushu. The trail ends don’t connect because it is a beautiful loop that has some shoots around.