What is a Contemporary Lifestyle in Interior Design?

Interior designers and home makeover TV shows often talk about contemporary design, but what exactly is a contemporary lifestyle? It sounds ultra-modern of course, but what does it actually mean? Let’s take a look.

A contemporary lifestyle in interior design is one that reflects modern trends. So although the fashion today is for a minimalist look, the aim is to make your interior design feel warm and welcoming that perfectly fits your lifestyle. This means that your home environment should be clutter free and easy to clean and maintain, without it looking stark or cold.

Most of us have busy lives and we want to live in bright and airy surroundings that are harmonious and easy to manage. Contemporary design is defined by simplicity, using clean lines and natural materials in order to maximise available space.

The main point that defines what a contemporary lifestyle is this need to avoid clutter and ornamentation. Not only is this an old fashioned look, it is hard to manage effectively and keep clean. Essentially if you can think of your grandparent’s home and then do the complete opposite, you will be on the right track!

The Contemporary Lifestyle

If you want to know what is a contemporary lifestyle, take a look at your own lifestyle. Do you work online, do you use modern technology, and are you passionate about modern issues, such as ecology and authenticity? Do you stream rather than watch TV? Do you cycle rather than take the car? All these factors are modern trends and will reflect in your home décor.

The contemporary look in modern design is not only functional it is fashionable. Key notes include stripped down floor boards rather than carpets, plenty of bare space on the wall and an attention to architectural details that celebrate construction rather than hiding it away. For example, displaying bare bricks and water pipes, rather than hiding them away under wall paper or fussy ornamentation.

Colors are also important. The whole aim is to achieve a cool airy space so plain walls are optimum whereas fussy colourful designs should be avoided. The contemporary lifestyle design celebrates bold, brave and structural and this should be reflected in your furnishings.

So if you wish to modernise your home and create a cool contemporary look, remember that less is more.  Remove everything from your home that is not functional, by decluttering. And if you have any old fashioned tassels, ruffles and flounces on furnishings or curtains, they will need to go.

Once your home is stripped back to the bare minimum, choose simple furnishings that match together in a harmonious way. A rug with a geometric design for example that tones in with your sofa and highlights a color accent in a cool print on your wall will look great.

Smooth modern lighting that can illuminate areas with spot lights as well as create a restful ambience for relaxing will add to the overall impression.