Watercolor Travel Journal Tips for Beginning Painters

Many new painters are looking for watercolor travel journal tips to create and maintain their own travel diary. By having a travel journal, these new painters can keep a track of all of their encounters and experiences creatively in a single place to be cherished later. Travel diaries are where you can expound on all the trips that you have taken.

It is an assortment of experiences, stories, memories, and revelations. One can get as creative as they want while maintaining a travel journal. Many new painters are even using watercolors for creating their journals. So, if you are also a new painter looking for watercolor travel journal tips, keep reading for details!

5 Watercolor Travel Journal Tips

Pick A Suitable Journal

It is very crucial to do some thorough search prior to purchasing a journal to transform it into your watercolor travel journal. You need to make sure that the journal you buy is suitable for applying watercolors on it. You can search for some reliable journals online by using hashtags on different social media platforms or by reading reviews of many journals available to be sold online. Apart from this, if you know someone who creates watercolor travel journals, you can also take some useful advice from them.

Do Not Use Excess Water

The next tip for creating your watercolor travel journal is to use as little water as possible. You need to remember that even though you have picked the best journal for watercolors, the papers are still not watercolor paper. This is why you cannot use the watercolor on these papers the same way that you use on cotton papers. Therefore, try to limit the quantity of water as much as possible. Don’t worry if you cannot apply the techniques that you have learned on these papers, you can still do wonders even using less water!

Keep Drying the Paper

Another way to ensure that the paper does not get soaked while painting it is to let it dry between the layering of watercolors. It is necessary because if you will keep adding more and more colors without giving it a break, the paper will get wet to the extent that it would even tear up! This is why letting the pages of your watercolor travel journal dry is essential.

Use a Peelable Tape

If you are a beginner, using a peelable tape to create your watercolor travel journal can help you in a lot of ways such as providing you with a fine border for your paintings, making sure that the watercolor doesn’t get into unwanted spaces and preventing the pages from creasing.

Straighten the Creased Pages

It is quite common for the pages of your watercolor travel journal to crease out after all the painting done on it! These wrinkled pages can be quite irritating for a lot of people. But, you can now straighten them by putting them under some heavyweight objects.

So, these were some watercolor travel journal tips for you if you are a beginner! Hopefully, it will help you to create a beautiful journal of your own.