Top Traveling Breast Pumps for Moms

Are you mothers ready to travel with your infants? Traveling with babies can be the most challenging task. You need to plan for even the tiniest things with your baby. This may create a stressful and chaotic situation, but with proper planning and the right baby gear –  it doesn’t have to. 

Most of the time when working mothers have to make frequent short trips according to their job or family requirements, it gets tough to keep a baby in his or her usual routine. Once the baby’s routine is disturbed, it gets difficult for the mother to settle the baby down. This can even spoil the entire trip for the mother and the baby.

One of the main reasons a baby’s routine gets disturbed is when he or she is not being properly breastfed by the mother. This can keep the baby hungry for a long time and make him or her extremely cranky to handle. This usually happens because mothers are not able to breastfeed the baby while traveling. That is why there are different travel breast pumps for moms that help them to feed their babies with convenience. Keep reading to discover the top travel breast pumps for moms!

Top Travel Breast Pumps for Moms

Several brands and companies are manufacturing travel breast pumps for moms to make it convenient for them to breastfeed their babies while they’re on-the-go. The main idea to introduce these travel breast pumps is to make sure that the mother and baby travel comfortably without getting bothered or cranky on their journey. Therefore, a few top brands of travel breast pumps for moms are as follows.

4 Top Travel Breast Pumps for Mom

The Latest Spectra Baby S1

If you are looking for a portable breast pump, then the Spectra Baby S1 breast pump is a perfect fit for traveling. This breast pump is even recommended by pediatricians. The most amazing part is that this pump gives the best quality power and efficiency while pumping. The rechargeable, built-in batteries are a perfect feature for moms that are always on-the-go. The battery power makes life easy for moms to pump milk anywhere, anytime. The Spectra Baby S1 breast pump is hygienic, as it is a closed system, so moms do not have to worry about cleaning the narrow tubes while traveling. This prevents the bottle from growing fungi.

Medela Freestyle – Recommended By Hospitals

The Medela Freestyle travel breast pump is also portable like S1 and is extremely light weight. It comes with powerful, rechargeable batteries that make it highly convenient for mothers to pump in place or anywhere they are traveling. There is a portable pouch with the entire kit that is easy to carry for the moms with their babies. Moms can even do multitasking while pumping, as this pump is hands-free.

Avent Breast Pump

The Avent breast pump is manual but extremely easy to carry. This is because it is lightweight and portable to fit in even the smallest bag. Although it is manual, it still makes sure to pump a good amount of milk when compared with the automatic pumps.

Manual Breast Pump – Medela Harmony

This pump is for you moms that are traveling for a day or two, and those who are on a budget. This is because the Medela Harmony pump is for one-time pumping only. It is compact in size and lightweight, which makes it easy for moms to use.

There are numerous types of travel breast pumps for nursing moms offered by different brands. Moms need to make sure which one is the most suitable one for them and their baby.