The Newest Travel Trend: The Bleisure Lifestyle

When checking into a hotel, you are often asked if you are travelling for business or leisure. These days many people are combining the two in a trend known as bleisure, a workcation or even a bizcation. 

The idea is that you use the business trip to also fit in a small vacation where you can explore the local area and enjoy some quality me time and it is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular and more accepted by employers.

Whereas once before, employees were reluctant to admit that they might want to tack on a small vacation to their business trip, these days employers are likely to approve of this easy way to recharge batteries and grab some valuable R and R. 

Bleisure is a new concept in business travel. It has been driven by the new millennial trend of achieving a better work life balance and with modern companies embracing the new concept of valuing their employees and creating a happier more productive workforce; it is an easy way to achieve this without causing too much disruption to the workplace. 

Domestic business trips within the US may not seem like the ideal vacation spot but if you are visiting a new city there is always something to enjoy and learn along the way, whether it is visiting the local beauty spots or enjoying a local craft beer or night spot.

 Chicago, Seattle, Denver or Atlanta for example may not be where you would choose to spend your vacation but once you are there, it makes sense to enjoy it for a few extra days. 

For international travellers, it makes sense to experience a new country for leisure, rather than completing your work and getting straight back on the plane. Marriot hotels in China for example are seeing many bleisure bookings adding occupancy to hotels in this new trend. 

The Marriot hotel chain has embraced the bleisure trend, investing heavily in new hotel brands that are fun and vibrant which appeal to millennial travellers. After buying out the Starwood Hotels and Resorts worldwide in 2015, making Marriot the biggest hotel chain in the world, this move to combine business with leisure is certainly paying off in an era where many other hotel chains are struggling. 

The great point about the bleisure trip for the business visitor is that although you will need to pay for your own non business part of the stay, you can still benefit from low room rates and the other travel advantages that are open to business travellers.  

So if you are already staying in a hotel that is also used for vacationers, you can enjoy the experience of a top quality hotel in a great location without paying very much for your trip. 

We all need to achieve a better work / life balance and with the bleisure trend becoming accepting by even the most conservative of employers, it looks like it is here to stay.