Say This Prayer Before Traveling

Traveling can be risky. Fortunately, there is power in prayer. Whether you are going to travel for a family holiday, business trip, or just travelling to and from school, office, saying a prayer before you travel may help you feel safe during your journey. When you are traveling, it is easier to feel distressed due to weather conditions, delays, or personal challenges. One way to ease the tumultuous emotions raging inside of you is by saying a prayer before traveling. This way, people who have faith feel protected throughout their journey.

Prayers Before Travelling

Prayer for a Family Holiday

Dear God,

Guide us along the journey we will set out for. I pray for our safe journey without any inconveniences down the road. And protect us with your strength and mercy if we feel anxious. Please allow us to be conscious of your presence and kindness in difficult moments, and protect us until we reach our destination.


Prayer for Car Travelling

When you are going on a car journey, there are a number of prayers in different traditions, including The Lord’s Prayer, which believers recite to have a safe, peaceful journey. So when you are about to leave, say this prayer before travelling,

All Praise be to God. Glory unto Him who created this transportation, for us, though we were unable to create it on our own.

Prayer for a Journey without Accidents

To have faith, saying a prayer before continuing your journey can really ease your stress and make you feel protected.

Dear God,

Please guide us along the journey we will set out for. Guide us safely on our journey, especially during poor weather conditions and watch over us so that we have a safe journey without any accident. And guide us, knowing you are watching over us until we arrive at our destination.


Prayer for Protection During Traveling

If you are setting out to travel for a journey that is far away, you will mostly feel a range of emotions inside of you. To feel calm and protected, say a prayer before traveling and watch how it makes you feel more at ease.

Dear God,

Watch over us and guide us through the journey we are about to make. Shine your light on us whenever we feel anxious. Protect us from harsh weather and accidents during our journey. It is in your countenance that we feel safe, so please watch over us until we reach safely reach our destination.


Saying a prayer before or during the travel can alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress. Not only does it make you feel safe and protected, but it also allows you to seek refuge in God and his blessings. Prayers will help you stay calm if any adversity arises during your journey. We wish you safe and happy travels!