Safety Precautions for Getting a Massage During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID -19 pandemic has had serious repercussions on all parts of everyday life from having your hair cut to going to work. So If you are accustomed to having a massage as part of your regular health regime, you will probably be feeling the muscle strain and experiencing the pain that be caused by forgoing your regular massage.

The good news is that you can continue to get a massage during the COVID pandemic as long as you and your massage professional keep to the safety precautions.

So what are the safely precautions for getting a massage during the COVID 19 pandemic?

A massage puts you in very close proximity with your massage provider and you will probably be in contact with surfaces that may be contaminated. The American Massage Therapy Association has produced some very clear guidelines for providers to safely manage these issues.

·       1/ all areas should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between clients. Communal areas such as waiting rooms should also be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

·       2/ Protective equipment such as gloves and masks should be worn at all times.

·       3/Regular hand washing protocols are paramount.

·       4/ Appointments should be staggered so that clients do not need to wait with others prior to their appointment.

·       5/ customers should not be penalised for missing appointments due to illness.

·       6/Make sure that all clients fill out a form and provide their contact details prior to treatment. That way you can assess their current health status and also contact them if someone has contacted the virus in your treatment rooms, enabling them to isolate.

For the customer, it is important to make your own decisions. If your massage provider is not keeping to safety precautions for getting a massage during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the best thing to do is leave the premises and look elsewhere.

The good news is that having a massage is relatively safe if all these guidelines are met so for most people, the process should be fairly safe. However there is still a risk to getting a massage.

Infection can be transmitted in even the cleanest of facilities and if your massage provider comes to your home, your safety will largely depend upon the health of the clients your massage provider has already visited.

If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, having your massage outside will lower the risk of contamination. If this is not possible, ensuring that there is plenty of ventilation will decrease the risk of infection.

The important point to remember is that nowhere is really 100% safe right now. And getting a massage does come with some risk to health especially if the safety guidelines are not fully adhered to. However in our new normal world of the COVID pandemic we do need to consider other aspects of health and life sometimes.

The bottom line is that if you do really need a massage and are happy to accept the increased risk, go for it. If not, maybe the best option is to wait until the lockdown restrictions have passed and life has returned to normal.