Romantic Getaways for Your Honeymoon

Planning a Honeymoon should be an enjoyable experience but the pressure to come up with the ultimate perfect destination can be intense! To help you plan your perfect romantic getaway, we check out some unexpected honeymoon destinations that may tick all your boxes. 

Nantucket, MA

Nantucket is a National History Landmark area so if you fancy a romantic island getaway in old world surroundings, this one may float your boat. Nantucket is irrisistably quaint and scenic with fine unspoiled beaches and some fantastic fine dining experiences on offer. In summer the town is lively but if you visit in spring, fall or even winter, you will find that Nantucket offers a subtle romantic charm.

Longboat Key FL

This small island just off the coast of Sarasota makes a fantastic honeymoon destination. The white sandy beaches are stunning and if you stay at the Resort at Longbeach Key Club you have everything you need in this dream location. There is also plenty of nightlife and entertainment on offer at St Amauds Circle, only a short walk away and home to lively bars restaurants and boutiques. 

Livermore CA

If you and your partner love wine you will love Livermore California too. This is the oldest wine district in California and the perfect place to relax. The vibe is chilled, the wine is fantastic and there are places to eat and drink in beautiful surroundings. And after all the stress of the wedding, a nice glass of red of two will certainly hit the spot. 

Monterey County CA

The scenery is magnificent, the vibe is chilled and if you like hiking, eating fine food and drinking exceptional wine, you will have discovered your honeymoon heaven. Monterey County has lots to offer, from whale watching, stunning beaches, magnificent redwood forests and a culinary scene that is one of the best in the US. There are over 225 vineyards in the region and the area is famed for its fine seafood and dining. 

Newport County RI

Newport County on Rhode Island was once known as an upmarket retreat for the rich and famous who used the location as their summertime hot spot during the Gilded Age of the late 19th century. Today many of their fabulous mansions have been preserved and are open to view. If you fancy a quiet and sophisticated honeymoon, Newport delivers. The area is known for yachting so you can hire a sailboat and explore the stunning coast. 

Tacoma WA

Tacoma is situated just 40 minutes outside Seattle and is a fabulous destination for art and culture. The urban center buzzes with upbeat restaurants and music venues and there is a museum district that displays the best in art, glass and history from around the world. 

Added attractions include numerous distilleries in the area, more than in other US state plus there is some amazing scenery dominated by lofty Mount Rainier. Is mountain climbing a suitable honeymoon activity? Some people think so and mountaineers and adventurers love the 14, 441 climb. 

Gasparilla Island FL

Gasparilla Island was once described as the Preppiest place on earth but today this island offers a vintage stylish charm all of its own and gives the traveller a taste of a bygone age of boho glamour. Katherine Hepburn rented a house here for several years and many of the properties on this barrier island evoke a vintage Florida charm. If these suggestions haven’t whetted your appetite, check out the Vague Terrain website for more suggestions and to find other great vacation spots for romantic getaways in the USA.