Quick Heartburn Relief for Travelers

Heartburn can be a very annoying cause of discomfort. It’s challenging to enjoy your journey with a burning sensation that just doesn’t seem to be leaving your chest, followed by occasional hiccups, and probably, sore throat. If you’re a constant traveler, you don’t want this to linger for too long.

If you have heartburn, you should consider trying out the following tips to see if it works for you. Note that these tips have proven helpful to countless people, and they’re available to you on the go so that you don’t have to stop on your journey to see a doctor.

1. Don’t smoke

If you know that you’re prone to heartburn, you’re currently feeling it, or you’ve eaten something that contains too much oil, you should know better than to open a new pack of cigarettes. The smoke exacerbates the burning sensation and increases your level of discomfort, for your good. Stay away from it till you feel some relief.

2. Wear loose clothing

What causes heartburn is the rising of the content in your stomach up to the level of your gullet. This can happen naturally, but sometimes, it comes from tight clothing pressing your stomach and making it difficult for food to stay. So, wear loose clothing if you know you’re prone to the condition. If, however, you’re wearing tight clothing and you start feeling the burning sensation, quickly unfasten your belt and your buttons.

3. Get some ginger

You can add diced ginger or ginger roots to your soups and oily meals while you cook them or just simply take ginger tea. Stay away from beverages or snacks that claim to have ginger in them. They can exacerbate the condition as they only contain ginger flavors and not the real thing. You may want to try real, natural crystallized ginger supplements. 

4. Chew gum

Chewing gum after eating will significantly reduce your chances of getting heartburn, and that’s because it stimulates saliva production that may dilute the stomach acid in your gullet.

5. OTC medication

One thing you will always find in every pharmacy are heartburn drugs. This is because the condition is very common and easy to treat. However, you would have to stick to the medication and avoid triggers, or you’ll always have heartburn to deal with. 

Some over the counter medication for heartburn include H2 blockers, antacids, and proton pump inhibitors. Antacids will neutralize the stomach acids, while the proton pump inhibitors and H2 blockers will limit your stomach’s secretion of the acid. 

Or, you could choose natural heartburn relief supplements like Heartburn Advantage by Integrative Therapeutics.

6. Stand upright for some minutes

Sitting down for too long just after eating will have the same effects as wearing tight clothing. Sitting down will put pressure on your stomach and force the content in it to find its way up to your gullet. So, if you’re traveling, whenever you get a chance to stand, use it well. If, however, there’s no chance for that, you should consider sitting upright.

These simple tips will get rid of heartburn and help you enjoy your journey.