Products You Need When Travelling to Maintain Perfect Nails

Travelling can be hard on your nails. It is easy to chip and break nails when you are carrying your luggage on long distance journeys, or when you are splashing around in the sea, hanging out on the beach and are far away from your usual nail care routine and your regular manicurist.

The first thing you need for nail care when you travel is a handy manicure kit. So, nail scissors, an emery board, a buffer, and some hand moisturizers are the minimum requirement. If you have artificial nails, add some nail glue and silk wraps to your kit so that you can repair any damage should it occur.

You should moisturise your nails and hands every night to keep them looking well maintained and groomed and even if you go without polish, the appearance of your hands and nails won’t let you down.

If you have artificial nails, you will undoubtedly damage them when travelling. If you want to save the damaged nail, you will need to get into the manicurist zone and repair it yourself. It is easy to do.

First remove the polish and buff the nail with the buffer. Then add a drop of nail glue and a pre cut silk wrap and fix it to the nail. Add a spot more glue and then dry with a hair dryer on cold setting. Once it is dry, buff with the buffer until the nail is smooth.

Always keep a nail file with you. If you break a nail, you can smooth it with a nail file. Always work in one direction and use the minimum number of strokes to avoid weakening the nail.

To always ensure your nails are in perfect condition, you will also need a travel kit which contains nail polish.

The Zoya Naked Manicure Travel Kit is the perfect companion for any well-groomed traveller. It comes in a handy travel bag and contains a bottle of Naked Base Coat, two colors, Pink Perfector and Lavender Perfector and a bottle of glossy seal topcoat.

Zoya is a US company that specialises in natural products for health and beauty. All Zoya products are paraban free and unlike many other nail polish brands, their formula does not include formaldehyde (a carcinogen) camphor or other irritants.

Choose from a fantastic range of color polishes and nail care products including topcoat sealers, gloss finishes and more.