Private Jet News for Luxe Travelers

Jet Luxe, a Dubai-based company that operates an international fleet of luxury private jets, has announced plans to expand into North America with service starting from Miami and other areas in Florida. 

Jet Luxe is a private jet charter and aircraft management company that offers customers the opportunity to fly around in style, with their fleet being “global & floating” serving both charters as well those who participate through Invictus Partnerships. The growing group currently consists of three Bombardier Global 6000s but also has access extended range models such mid size or heavy jets up till ultra long haul flights which can be accommodated by this organization.

In addition to the Invictus Partnership, Jet Luxe’s offering in the Americas — covering the USA, Canada, and Latin America — will include luxury charter and concierge services for businesses and leisure travelers.

“Our global charter program and the Invictus Partnership serve slightly different customer groups,” explains Jet Luxe chief commercial officer Caroline Cresp. “The former may travel a handful of times per year for leisure or business. They utilize business aviation because commercial options are (presently) unreliable, time-consuming, offer a reduced experience, and are perceived to be less safe.”

“The latter group tend to already understand the argument for flying private, they have considered purchasing their own jet, but they find the related overhead, fixed, and sunk costs prohibitive. Compared with our ‘pool’ of charter customers, the group is smaller yet the business argument for Invictus once discovered is compelling. Invictus presents a clear saving while providing complete transparency, no hidden fees nor administrative drawbacks associated with fractional or traditional ownership.”

Jet Luxe is expecting the luxury travel market to remain dynamic, with both segments of its business responding accordingly. At present, roughly 80% of Jet Luxe’s business is for charter customers, while the remaining 20% constitutes Invictus customers.

Jet Luxe’s aircraft are greeted by highly trained and experienced crews, with an office-based concierge team that can provide any service you need before or during your flight. Additionally they work closely on Bombardier-approved service centers across the globe.

Jet Luxe straddles luxury, efficiency, and sustainability in terms of passenger experience. Its jets feature different configurations to suit the needs of various partners and charter customers. 

In addition to full connectivity onboard, Jet Luxe can offer virtual reality experiences to kids, wellness, fine-dining, and specialist entertainment options.

Jet Luxe vice president for USA, Yassine El Moussi, says: “This is the right time to bring Jet Luxe’s efficient, luxury charter service and Invictus Partnership to the region. Demand for business and private aviation is extremely high and supply remains low. Jet Luxe commits to guaranteed jet availability for clients which sets us apart in the market.”

“The economy in the USA has been bolstered by the country’s willingness to keep businesses moving and swiftly resume business and leisure travel. Our clients, which include businesses and high-net-worth individuals, are purposeful about travel while remaining conservative about COVID-19 concerns, safety, and managing financial risk. As demand continues to outstrip supply, our guaranteed availability based Invictus partnership model is the ideal solution for our clients in the region.”