Planning a Vacation? Here’s What to Look for in an Automatic Cat Feeder & Cat Nutrition

An automatic cat feeder can make the life of the cat owner much easier, as well as being better for the health of your cat. Many cats pester for food, pretty much constantly, and like most of us, many struggle with their weight as a result.

With a programmable feeder, you know that it will deliver your cat a nutritionally balanced meal every time so there is no risk of over feeding or your cat not getting the right nutrition.

An automatic cat feeder is also ideal for when you are going on vacation. You can leave the cat to its own devices for a short break; safe in the knowledge it will be fed. And although it is essential that someone pops in to your home from time to time to make sure that Kitty is ok, you no longer need to worry about leaving instructions on feeding. This makes life much easier for your neighbour or friend. They can just top up the feeder and they don’t need to be worried about being late for meal times.

If you are considering buying an automatic cat feeder, there are plenty of models to choose from.  Many can be programmed via wifi and offer a high tech solution. There are automatic cat feeders to suit multiple cats and all cat feeders come with various features and storage capacities to suit all situations.

It is important to find the right automatic cat feeder to suit your kitty. They can work equally well on wet or dry food so accommodate your cat’s usual diet, but it is important to check out how many meals are stored in the feeder and  to ensure that your cat sitter knows how to top up the feeder correctly.

So before you leave on vacation it is important that your cat becomes accustomed to using the automatic feeder and that your cat sitter understands when it needs to be refilled and what to do in case of problems.

Cats find any changes to their usual routine very stressful. So even though you are leaving Kitty safe at home in familiar surroundings, your absence may make your cat feel anxious. To help protect their wellbeing and reduce stress a cat supplement will help.

Lidtke Travel Paws is a chewable tasty treat that is ideal for calming down your cat and improving mood. It contains L Tryptophan an amino acid present in turkey meat that helps the brain produce feelings of calm and it supports the nervous system as well. All cats find the treat delicious so it is a great addition to your cat’s diet especially if Kitty tends to be nervous.

Lidtke Travel Paws is manufactured by Lidtke and is a brand you can trust. The company produces a range of supplements for human as well as for animal consumption and contains only natural non allergenic ingredients.

Using an automatic cat feeder in combination with Lidtke Travel Paws will ensure Kitty copes with your vacation and is in great shape by the time you get back.