Photography Tips For Couples

If you do couple photo shoots, your clients may feel awkward and not know how to pose. That’s why you need to make sure you are posing for couples correctly.

Many people are camera shy and don’t know how to act in front of the camera. This is where you can step in to shine and turn a one-time client into a lifetime client. You can use your expertise and skills to make an impact on your clients by helping them pose.

A Photographer’s Guide to Posing for Couples

Here are some tips to help you in guiding people when posing for couples in photography.

Create a Trustworthy Environment

It is not easy to make someone less camera shy in the span of a photoshoot. This is why it is important to make your client trust you so they can be at ease during the shoot.

Don’t stress out too much on posing for couples and let their relationship naturally speak for itself while you capture those candid moments. Ask your clients what they want and then deliver accordingly.

Guide them During Posing for Couples

There might be some poses that they would want to do, but during this process you’ll need to direct and give tips on poses that would look good. You can guide them to poses that are classic and aesthetically pleasing such as:

  • Hugging from the back
  • Forehead kiss
  • Holding hands and smiling at each other
  • Lifting or piggyback ride poses
  • Dancing and making your partner twirl

Posing for couples is not easy, and while you are directing these poses, make sure to capture the moments in between that show the essence of their bond.

Provide a Variety

Don’t just do a studio shoot with different backdrops. Instead, utilize the area around you for the shoot. You can even ask the couple where they first met, and you could click a few pictures in that spot.

Take the initiative and show your clients your expertise by giving them something they didn’t even know they wanted! Surprise them and help them create magical portraits that show their relationship. 

Colour Palette

It is essential to create an aesthetic that looks pleasing to the eye and in pictures. If there are any colors you would want the client to avoid, let them know beforehand so there are no last-minute disasters.

Make sure the location or backdrop you are shooting doesn’t clash with any wardrobe. It is vital to do your research beforehand and let clients know to improve both your and their experience.

This was a short guide to posing for couples. There is much more that comes with it; however, these are the basics that everyone needs to equip themselves with. You can use this guide as a stepping stone to build towards a more creative and better photo shoot, which will help you in aiding your clients during photo shoots.

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