Oregon Family Vacation Destination Hotspots

The state of Oregon has the most amazing scenic beauty, including beaches, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, deserts, forests, and cliffs, which make it a wonderful place for a family vacation. There are also various attractions and sightseeing spots for kids and adults, which also makes it a great place to spend time with your loved ones and make unforgettable memories. 

An Oregon family vacation will not only offer you good value for your money but will also give you a unique experience that you might not get elsewhere. Let’s look at the various Oregon family vacation destinations that are popular with tourists and families.

6 Oregon Family Vacation Hotspots

The following scenic places are a must-see during your Oregon family vacation.

Oregon Dunes Recreation Spot

This recreation spot is alongside the Oregon’s coast and offers various fun-filled activities, such as horseback riding, camping, and hiking. Oregon Dunes Recreational Area also features a national forest, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature and wildlife. Other attractions near this spot are the Sea Lion Caves, Umpqua Lighthouses, an aquarium, and Heceta Head.

Bend, Oregon and Central Oregon

This part of Oregon is very popular for shopping, fun, and fine dining, as it features various parks, shopping malls, restaurants, and museums. The landscape of this place is also picturesque and provides you with an opportunity to explore various attractions such as Cascade Lakes, Volcanic Monument, and Smith Rock State Park.

Hood River and Columbia River

These two rivers offer amazing waterways perfect for kite sailing, windsurfing, and other water sports. This place is ideal for these activities, because of the climatic conditions and the wind that always works in your favor. There are beautiful views and sceneries around to give you a calm and peaceful experience, along with fun and thrills.


This is the oldest and one of the most popular tourist spots for people who want to have fun and enjoy time outdoors with their family. You can play various sports, stroll around the beach, eat great food, and fly kites with your loved ones.

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

This is the most interesting place for kids, as it offers unique and unusual things to see. You can witness the formation of rocks, learn about fossil fuels, and see remnants of old tropical forests. Other recreational spots that are located near this area are the Umatilla, Malheur, and Ochoco forests.


This is also an interesting spot that offers various activities for families. You can watch a whale cruise, explore the aquarium, explore the lighthouse, fly kites, or enjoy fresh seafood with your family members.

The state of Oregon is a wonderful spot for a family vacation, featuring diverse and fun-filled activities, good food, shopping, attractions, and amazing scenery.

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