Muscle Bars and Other Exercises to Try at Home

A lot of people aim to stay fit. They want to have a strong, healthy, and attractive physique. A strong body starts with muscular strength that helps maintain a balanced look and protect your core strength. Most people opt to go to the gym for this very reason. However, thinking of going to a gym and actually doing it are two different things. You may have all the motivation in the world but still have trouble sticking to a workout schedule and getting to the gym regularly. If you can’t get to the gym, one thing you can do is install muscle bars at home. There are many additional exercises you can try at home to build muscle strength. Keep reading to find out more!

5 Muscle Bars and Related Exercises

Muscle Bars

Muscle bars are horizontal rods or pipes that can be seen at almost every gym. They can even be installed at your home. So if you are tired from a hectic day, you can climb the muscle bar and work out. Muscle bars help you to develop a stronger upper body. You can manage a number of exercises through these bars. Most of us are familiar with two or three exercises linked with muscle bars. But you can train yourself in a lot of different ways to build and maintain key muscles that manage your overall look. Let’s look at a few more exercises below.

Pull ups

Usually when you enter the gym, you find people doing pull ups to get warmed up. Indeed, this is a major exercise for relaxing your muscles before you start weightlifting. But what we are unaware of other muscles being built with the help of pull ups. When you perform pull ups, the majority of the force acts on your arms and back. This helps you to strengthen your biceps. The more pull ups you do, the stronger the bicep gets, which in turn helps you to do more pull ups. It also develops your upper back. As soon as you lift yourself up, your back muscles are contracted, making your biceps relax and builds them up stronger.

Knee Raises while Hanging on the Bar

This exercise is done by holding the muscle bar and hanging down and stretching your arms. After that you lift your legs. The legs are crunched backwards, raising your knees in front of your chest. This strengthens your lower back as all your weight is acting upon it. You can rotate your lower torso sideways and force your knee back and forth. This helps to reduce your abdomen. This is very good for people who are reducing body fat. The lateral movement reduces belly fat.

Behind the Neck Pull Ups

These are similar to the pull ups mentioned earlier but with a small difference. You pull your body upwards with your neck in front of the bar and face downwards. This creates pressure on your neck and makes it strong. This also helps to stretch and expand your back muscles.

Burpee Pull Ups

Burpee pull ups are an advanced level exercise. You start with a pull up and then quickly fall down on the ground to do a push up. This helps in strengthening your heart muscles. Your heart beats more efficiently as you do it quickly. Remember, the higher the muscle bar, the more effective the workout will be.

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