Items to Bring on a Family Camping Trip

It is summer again and you know that it is a camping season. Camping as a family is a very good idea, it is a way to spend quality time together as a family, strengthen your bond and grow as a unit.

As much as camping can be fun, it would be a horrible experience if you do not carry all the right items. The items you would need as a family can differ from those an individual would need if they were to go camping. 

In this article, we are going to share with you our list of items to bring on a family camping trip, from tents to musical instruments for entertainment. 

Items to Bring on a Family Camping Trip

Most of the items on our list can be purchased at stores like Target or Walmart. Higher quality items of the same variety can be purchased from stores like REI.

  • Tent: this item is absolutely necessary, it is very hard to camp without a tent; it is usually the place everyone sleeps in. You have to consider some factors when choosing the tent to get, such as the size of the family, the number of people that will sleep in the tent, the difficulty of setting up that particular type of tent. No matter the consideration a tent should be on your list.
  • Sleeping Bags: it is imperative that everyone gets at least one sleeping bag to enable them to sleep well and rest well especially at night when it gets cold. You should get sleeping bags for every member of the family.
  • Mats for Sleeping: this is important if you want to sleep well, sleeping on the ground might ruin your camping experience. A sleeping mat for each person is a very good item to bring to a family camping trip. 
  • Foldable Chairs: if you want a well-rounded camping experience then taking foldable chairs along would be a good idea. If you don’t want to sit on the ground almost throughout your trip then you should really consider this. Although taking foldable chairs along might be hard if you all are going to walk to the camping site but if this is not the case we highly recommend you take some along for camping.
  • Pots, Plates, and Utensils: these items are necessary if you intend to prepare meals while camping. You would need plates to eat out from, you would need utensils to eat your meals and pots to prepare them. Going on a family camping trip that you intend to cook and you don’t bring these items would be unwise.
  • Camp Gas or Stove: while camping with your family one of the most memorable experiences you might have are those of you cooking outdoor. If you want to prepare meals for your family during camping then you would need this. Don’t forget to carry the appropriate fuel for your stove.
  • Source of light like Torches and Lanterns: when the night comes while you are camping and you do not prepare adequately for lighting you could hate the experience. It is also important to take this for safety reasons, take batteries also and backup batteries. You would definitely need light while camping. 
  • Medication and Toiletries: you should as a precaution take some basic medications when you go camping with the family, you might face an emergency that would necessitate the use of epinephrine or antacids or analgesics as first aid. Prepare adequately for these and also take toiletries along with you, they are a staple. 
  • Acoustic Guitar: if you want some entertainment while camping this would be a good idea, take that your vintage guitar, most likely an acoustic, along and jam some tunes. It can help you pass the time, relax you, and help foster the camping spirit.