Is It Worth It to Get Pet Insurance?

It always makes sense to get pet insurance. That way you know that if your beloved animal companion gets sick or has an accident you will be able to cover the cost of the treatment without having to dip into savings or spend money you might not be able afford.

In fact who can easily afford vet bills anyway? Make no mistake, veterinary bills are not cheap. According to veterinarians and insurance executives, the average that a pet owner can afford for a one time expense is approximately $1500. After this figure, most veterinarians have difficult consultations with owners who are distraught at the thought of having their pet suffer, but cannot afford the care. Many people go into debt trying to pay for veterinary treatment for their animals.

95% of Americans see their animals as family members so if their pets are uninsured and require expensive treatment, the rest of the family may suffer as a result.

The truth is that animals like all of us, sometimes need medical care. So it is just as well to accept this from the start and take out insurance on your pet when it first enters your home and becomes part of your family.

Insurers advise that the best time to do this for dogs is at the puppy stage when premiums are likely to be lower. But it makes sense to do this for any age of animal you acquire, such as a rescue dog from a shelter.

It pays to shop around for the best policy that is most suited to your needs. But with the right plan you can provide your pet with treatment, diagnostics, medication and ongoing care should the need arise.

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