Is Costa Rica Safe to Travel to Right Now?

Costa Rica is considered “safe” to travel to right now. In recent days, the Costa Rican government has lifted the previous restrictions on American visitors, and now all flights from all the American states are open to visitors.

There are some extra health measures that will apply to anyone visiting the country. You will need to present a negative COVID-19 test that should be carried out within 72 hours of traveling. In addition, you will need to complete an Epidemiological Form, known as a Health Pass. Here you will complete all your personal details, including address and driver’s licence as well as provide the information of your holiday address accommodation.

One of the issues affecting travelers who wish to visit Costa Rica for an extended visit is the need for insurance, which must cover the risk of potential COVID treatment and expenses to cover 14 days quarantine.

All these rulings add up to the fact that Costa Rica is taking the COVID crisis extremely seriously. Despite this, the risk of infection is increasing. So far there have been 79,182 Coronavirus cases and 950 deaths, and although this rate was fairly stable, in recent weeks the figures have begun to rise. Only time will tell whether this rise will be a short lived spike or develop into a full blown crisis.

Away from the Coronavirus, there are some health risks to visiting Costa Rica. This tropical climate has been described as a paradise, but there are some dangerous insects and animals that make this island their home. In addition, this country is not as developed as the U.S., so there can be health risks caused by poor hygiene, especially if you eat out in restaurants and bars.

So is Costa Rica safe to visit right now? This is the big question, but in truth is anywhere safe to visit at the moment? In truth, Costa Rica probably is no more safe or dangerous than anywhere else in the world,  but remember that along with the risk of COVID there are some risks when visiting this country generally.  

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So is Costa Rica safe to travel to right now? Nowhere is really safe at the moment, and travel itself has inherent COVID risks. But when compared to the U.S., it is probably no more dangerous than traveling domestically.