How to Winterize a Travel Trailer

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stop going on vacation. .  There are some fantastic places to visit across the USA which are great in all weathers so check out our guide to the best vacation spots in the US for couples for some inspiration and get your winter plans moving.

You might not want to go on vacation in the depths of winter in your RV. But before you leave it on the drive for the winter months it is important to know how to winterise a travel trailer so that it is ready for the next season.

Find out how to winterize a travel trailer in a few simple steps.

Step1: Remove and Bypass your water filters. When winter comes it’s a good idea to check your water filters to see if they need replacing next season. In addition if you are leaving your RV standing, removing the water filters is the best option because the anti freeze chemicals you need to add later can cause damage to filters.

Step 2: Drain your black and grey water tanks. You don’t want waste water and bacteria sitting in your tanks all winter. Not only is this a health risk, it could pose a risk of freezing. Drain the tanks and use a specialised black tank cleaner to clear away bacteria.

Step 3: Drain the water heater and pipes. To drain the water heater let the unit cool down first, then remove the drain plug and open the pressure valve. Then open all the faucets (hot and cold) and leave the water to drain out naturally.

Step 4: Before you add the antifreeze chemicals make sure these will bypass the water heater. You can fit a bypass unit to your heater that will prevent the anti freeze from getting into your heater.

Step 5: Add the anti freeze. This is a key step to knowing how to winterize your travel trailer and it can be implemented in a couple of ways.

You can either install a water pump converter kit or disconnect the inlet end of your water pump and place it in the container holding the anti freeze. Close the faucets and drain lines and then turn on the water pump so that it can pump the anti freeze into your water system.

Once the system has got up to pressure, open each faucet one at a time. Check the hot water faucet first and see if anti freeze comes out. Then do the same for the cold water faucets.  Once you have done this turn off the pump and open all the faucets.

You will also need to remove the screen in the city water inlet. So use a screwdriver to push on the valve until you see the coolant running out. Then replace the screen and close the inlet.

Step 6: Once you have carried out all these steps, pour anti freeze down each of the sinks in the RV and then check that the heating element is off and that all the faucets are closed.

If you have any concerns on how to winterize a travel trailer, take your RV to a specialist service such as Camping World who can do it for you. That way you can be confident that your travel trailer is fully protected for the winter while you take a vacation away from your RV.