How to Travel with Pets

Traveling with a pet for the first time or to another country can be a very stressful exercise, this might be because of the naivety of Dog about the whole exercise or your naivety about the whole process and documents needed to travel alongside your pet. Let’s take a look at tips on how to make your journey with your pet smoother.

Identification/important documents and accessories


For you to travel with your pet, you need to make sure that your pet is properly identified. Microchipping is always the best form of pet identification, as it is permanent and the best if your pet is not comfortable with collars. Update your microchip if your pet already has one. ID tags containing your contact address can be added to the collar of your Pet.


Make sure to inform your Vet, so as to obtain documents on your pet’s vaccination and medical history, as these might be needed in your destination country or city. Pet passports can also be acquired for pets that travel frequently.


Make sure to get your pet a very comfortable carriage. Ones your pet can fully stand or lie inside, also try to get them acquainted with the carrier days before the journey.

How to Travel with Pets:

There are 3 main means of traveling with your pet, the plane, car or train. Let’s take a look at how to travel using these 3 mediums;

By Car

  • Days before traveling with your cat by car, try to get them to acquaint themselves with what a journey by car looks like, by taking them on short rides.
  • Do not allow your pet to stay in the front seat; We understand that your pet is your buddy, but they do not need to be close to you to avoid distractions during the journey.
  • Do not place your pets on your laps as you travel. They can easily jerk and fall on your pedals as you are traveling or collide with your steering when you suddenly pull the break.
  • Always keep your pet inside the carrier and straddle them with the seat belt.
  • Always take brief stops and allow your pet to stretch.

By plane

This medium is a bit dangerous at times there are some hazards associate with it.

Always confirm with the airline if you can travel with your pet in the cabin or through cargo.

If they will go as cargo;

  • Always take direct flights when traveling with your pets.
  • Travel with your pet on the same flight if possible.
  • Always notify the flight attendant that you have a pet in the cargo.
  • Do not feed your pet hours before traveling.
  • Traveling with your pets as cargo during festive periods or holidays is not always advised.
  • Do not tranquilize your pet before a journey.
  • Make sure that temperatures are comfortable before traveling.

By Train

This serves as one of the safest ways to travel with your pets. Amtrack now allows pets on journeys that do not last more than 6 hours, but you need to book ahead of time as a limited number of pets are allowed on a train at a particular time.


  • Always make sure that your Pets haveID’sbefore traveling, preferably Microchips.
  • Always use a carrier that is comfortable for your pet.
  • Always have a recent picture of your pet before the journey.