How to Travel with a Dog

Travelling with a dog can be problematic with some methods of transport far easier than others. For example if you are going on a road trip and your dog likes going in the car, you should not have too many problems if you make regular stops and comfort breaks. 

However, things get tricky if you want to take your dog on a plane. Dogs do not tend to like air travel and according to vetinarians , you should only do this if there is no alternative such as if you are relocating.  Two to four weeks is the minimum gap between flights, so if you are planning a vacation, it is better to leave your dog at home. 

The rules for dogs on flights vary between airlines. In general a dog can only travel with you in the cabin if pooch is small enough to fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you. Larger dogs need to be shipped in the hold with the other cargo. 

The flight is likely to be extremely scary for your pet. And although some airlines will try to make it the best experience they can, you have no control over your dog once the baggage handlers load the plane. There are numerous horror stories about pets becoming sick or even dying in the hold. That said most airlines do ship dogs and in many cases, these journeys are incident free but it is not something that is desirable for your dog or for you as a pet owner.

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Obviously, taking your dog on a journey will cause stress to your animal as well as to yourself. So the best solution is always to leave your dog at home or with a pet facility so that you know that your pooch is safe and well cared for. Of course separation always causes anxiety in your dog. So even if you manage to set up the perfect care package for your holiday, it makes sense to use Terry Naturally Calming Formula for Dogs in order to reduce stress and anxiety in your much loved pet.