How to Travel with a Cat

If you need to travel with a cat, don’t fool yourself into thinking your pet will enjoy the chance to see new things and new people. Dogs can usually handle this with no problem and even enjoy the experience but cats do not travel well. This is because they are fiercly territorial animals who like a regular routine and the new world outside is just too big for them to own!

However sometimes travelling with your kitty may be unavoidable so it’s necessary to know how to travel with a cat because if you do not make it easy and as stress free as possible, it could lead to numerous health concerns.

How to travel with a cat will obviously depend on the type of transport you choose but the secret is to make it as comfortable and familiar for your cat as possible.

You will obviously need a reliable carrier, portable litter and food and drink. However your cat’s comfort items are equally important. Veterinarians suggest that bringing a few of your cats familiar items from home will help you cat adjust to the stresses of travel.

So cushions, toys, blankets or anything that your cat likes and spends time on will do the trick. Cats live in a world of smell. They release pheromones which are chemicals that can alter their behavior and mental state. So when they are surrounded by new sounds and experiences, the familiar smells of home will help them feel secure in a new environment.

You can pre empt this by buying some travel friendly items in advance. A cat bed that can be rolled up is a good idea – this is easy to carry and also very comfortable and secure for your cat. In addition why not try a cat cave? These woollen liners can fit into your luggage and unpacked at the destination providing a familiar and private place for your cat to hide away. Try these out at home first and if your cat likes them and spends time on them, bring them with you on your trip.

A calming supplement will also help Kitty stay relaxed and stress free. Lidke travel Paws Calming Treats For Pets are chewable treats that will keep your cat calm and should be part of your cat travel kit. The supplements are made to the same exacting standards as for humans and contain natural L Tryptophan and a sweet vanilla flavour that all animals enjoy.

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How to travel with a cat can be challenging but if you prepare in advance, you may find that your travel plans go better for you and for Kitty than you could have imagined.