When traveling, sometimes you may feel overwhelmed about all the things you need to take along with you. Everything seems like something you may need and it becomes hard to set your priorities straight on the actual things you will need for your trip. When you finally get the things you believe you’ll be needing for your travel, you realize there is no space to fit for all the things you carried and you have to rearrange but this time prioritizing more important things and leaving behind the unnecessary. 

It could just be a short-term trip and you don’t want to take too much or heavy things. It would be way more comfortable to carry all your stuff in one place like a suitcase and travel light so let’s go through some tips on how to pack a suitcase and travel light

  • Choose the right bag: take a suitcase the size you will be comfortable with. Don’t take a suitcase too big for you to carry. Note that the weight of the bag triples when filled and depending on how filled it is and what it’s filled with. So consider the weight when picking the right bag.
  • Create a packing list: Don’t just hop into your wardrobe and start taking things. So many things will be tempting to take so before packing your stuff, make a list of the most important things you will be needing for your trip and stick to it.
  • Take lightweight clothes; not only will this make your suitcase less heavy to carry, but it will also create more space for other things to fit in.
  • Take a pair or a couple of pairs of shoes that fit for the occasions you will be attending; Don’t prepare multiple shoes for every occasion. Find a pair of shoes or at most 2 pairs of shoes that can go with every occasion you will be going for and every clothes you will be wearing
  • Take smaller sizes of your beauty care products: most beauty care products like your hair care products or skincare products or perfumes also come in smaller travel sizes. Opt for those instead as long as it could last during the period you will be using them
  • Take a few pieces of jewelry that fits with all: Don’t take your entire box of jewelry, take only a few that you know can fit any look you are going for. Don’t also take the chunky ones, If you must try a different look, buy one while away.
  • Use compression packing cubes: Don’t put your clothes in your suitcase directly. Use compression cubes. It will help compress your clothes to take smaller space and create more space for other items. It will also make it easier to find things you need during your trip. 


Traveling lightweight doesn’t necessarily mean traveling extremely light. You can set your priorities straight by only taking along important items even if you are tempted to take a lot of things. The above tips can help you pack your suitcase and travel light.