How to Host a Post-Destination Wedding Reception at Home

A destination wedding has to have all the perks; it feels like a romantic getaway to your dream destination place that is affordable and exotic. Either it’s a beach package or a small ceremony somewhere in the mountains, but these localities make your wedding more unique and memorable. A few of the most popular destinations include Mexico, the Bahamas, Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Costa Rica. The only thing that has to be agreed upon is the number of guests. But times have changed! You can easily host a post-destination wedding reception at home for every acquaintance to attend.

How to Go About It?

An after-party at home is a great idea to celebrate your marriage by including your extended family, friends, and co-workers who couldn’t join you in the original wedding ceremony. So what steps will make your destination wedding reception at home a success? Let’s find out.


To design your post-wedding reception invitations, the bride and groom should decide whether it’s going to be a formal or an informal party. Also, you should add the reception invites in the same envelope as the main wedding invitation, if you’re aiming for a formal setup. A less formal setup allows more space for creativity. The guests who weren’t invited can get their reception invitations after the wedding when you return from your honeymoon.


A party is incomplete without good food. And if you’re inviting a large group of people, you should have proper arrangements for food, drinks, and wedding cake. Your menu can include finger foods (like sandwiches, chicken tempuras/tenders) and themed meals (most probably beef tacos or Bolognese spaghetti). Some couples decide to give food matters into the hands of caterers who can quote you prices beforehand.

It’s your choice to have alcoholic beverages at your party or not. Although a celebratory drink should include some champagne or wine at least. Some wine bottles, a cooler with beer and/or signature cocktail can lift up the party. But if you want a dry reception, pick sparkling/chilled water, lemonade, tea, and soda as the chief drinks. 

The best dessert to serve is the wedding cake, but other creative options can be considered like strawberry and champagne cake balls, chocolate pudding shots, mint Oreo truffles, and more. This list would pretty much suffice!


A post-destination wedding reception at home means you need a party, sans all the noise where you and your spouse can simply socialize and celebrate with guests and get to talk about the big day. A family gathering without a DJ or games is a perfect idea of a reception party at home in a private room. Also, cameras clicking every time you meet a friend and blinding you for a moment is frustrating, and doesn’t help in accomplishing the purpose of the party, so keep them at bay. Instead, encourage a pop-up “photo booth” for your special party.


To give a slight wedded touch, look up ideas on Pinterest that will set the mood. Flowers are forever used for celebratory and festive décor.

After you’ve successfully hosted your destination wedding reception at home, thank your guests for coming and give them a small party favor gift with a handwritten note. Have a great party!