How the COVID-19 Travel Ban Affected the U.S. Tourism Industry

The rapid increase in rates of deaths and patients due to Coronavirus has impacted the entire world negatively. The impact of the global pandemic situation has not only affected the economies of the countries, but it has also affected the businesses and the tourism industry.

The lockdown is becoming a serious issue. People are not only affected physically due to this situation, but they are also suffering from mental illnesses. In addition, instances of domestic violence have spiked. The intensity of the situation is pretty alarming and uncontrollable.

The negative impact of COVID-19 has also forced a ban on the tourism industry. This COVID-19 travel ban has been imposed in the U.S., because it’s the third country where the Coronavirus is at high risk to citizens. At one time, according to the COVID-19 analysis, there have been more than 24.5K deaths reported in the U.S.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how the COVID-19 travel ban affects the U.S. tourism industry.

The Effect of COVID-19 Travel Ban on U.S. Tourism Industry

The COVID-19 travel ban due to the pandemic situation globally has brought major losses in the entire tourism industry. There are several negative impacts on the lives of people, as well as businesses. Some of the most common issues that arose are as follows.

Jobs at High Risk

The travel and tourism businesses are at a higher stake. The jobs of the employees or, we can say, the tourist guides have been gradually facing a serious threat. There are about more than 50 million jobs of travel and tourism businesses worldwide that have been affected due to the global pandemic. The U.S. is on the top list and has forced the jobs of the travel business employees to be highly impacted negatively. The employees are given layoffs rapidly.

Major Contribution to Spread the Virus in the Country

Though there were precautionary measures ensured at the airports, bus stations, ports, public places, etc., still it became uncontrollable to stop people from traveling when the situation was epidemic. One of the biggest reasons for the rise of COVID-19 in the U.S. was the failure of providing proper medical kits and instruments to the staff beforehand. This is because the medical supplies could have helped in detecting the tourists and forcing them to get quarantined. That is why the tourism industry has been negatively impacted, as there were frequent travel bans imposed, resulting in the rejection of travel and work Visas.

National Limit Imposed on the Gatherings

After analyzing the situation, President Donald Trump announced to impose a national limit on travel, along with work and public gatherings. More than 10 people in a group were not allowed to travel together. This policy was imposed to maintain social distancing as the main precautionary measure. Since summer and spring 2020, the main seasons for the travel industry to make profits, the unconditional COVID-19 travel ban has been a major loss on the travel, ultimately resulting in the loss of jobs of about 12% to 14% in one month.

The above mentioned are the three main ways how the travel industry in the U.S. was negatively impacted due to the COVID-19 travel ban. All these steps were taken as precautionary measures, but deep down these measures are also affecting the overall economy.