How Ayoba is the Newest Social Media Trend in Africa

Ayoba is taking Africa by storm! This new free messaging app is designed for android devices and is considered the equivalent of the ever popular WhatsApp.  The difference is that Ayoba is designed by Africans specifically for African usage across the continent.

As with WhatsApp, Ayoba is becoming pretty much indispensable to users. It enables you to chat and send messages, including voice messages. You can send documents and files too and it’s great for sending images and videos. Ayoba also works well for group chats and there is even a secure space for sending and receiving money by using the money transfer function. In Africa where the local bank may be many miles away, this function provides an easy and convenient way to access cash and send money.

Ayoba operates under a very secure system. From the outset the designers incorporated sophisticated end to end encryption to keep data safe and maintain user’s privacy. Nobody can read the messages, not even the team behind it. Many people have privacy concerns after all about Facebook and WhatsApp, so this good quality and independent messaging system seems to offer a great alternative.

Ayoba is backed by MTN (Mobile Telephone Network) based in South Africa so is a good quality app you can trust from a major network operator. And according to the company statistics, it seems like millions of Africans have already got on board with this new messaging service.

Ayoba was first launched in Cameroon in 2019 and since then has over 5.5 million users by the beginning of 2021 with a growing number of users. And as the word gets out across the continent, it looks to become the default choice across Africa. One great advantage for uses is that Ayoba enables you to communicate in 22 African languages, including English so it is ideal for use across the continent. Languages offered include; IsiXhosa, Afrikaans, Sudanese Arabic, Pashto, Pidgin and Yoruba so it spans the entire continent.

According to the user information, you can use Ayoba to contact anyone via phone or website messaging, regardless of whether they have downloaded the app themselves. This accessibility is definitely helping to spread the word about Ayoba and can only improve uptake.

If you are visiting Africa for any reason such as work, vacation or to visit friends and family, it makes sense to download the Ayoba app yourself onto your own phone. That way you can keep in touch, make arrangements and appointments in a system that is likely to become the default means of communication across the continent.

The only downside about Ayoba is that it does not support IOS, only Android. But if you are planning on staying in Africa for any length of time, it may be worth investing in an android phone yourself as this is the preferred system across the continent.