Horse Riding Vacations in Montana

Horse riding vacations in Montana are becoming increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. The beautiful Sky State is home to magnificent unspoilt scenery, untouched wilderness plus some cool and trendy spots that offer the height of civilisation should you want it.

After all just because you are spending a holiday in the saddle doesn’t mean you have to eat beans every night or sleep in a bunk bed!

Sight-seeing in Montana from horseback is the perfect way to visit this iconic state. It will enable you to connect with your inner cowboy or cowgirl as you trek your way across the magnificent scenery.

Horse riding vacations in Montana offer the visitor a wide range of choice. Many companies offer luxury accommodation with fine food and catering. However you can also stay in an old style ranch and enjoy a more authentic cowboy experience.

For example the Bar W Guest Ranch offers guided rides and teaches you cowboy skills such as barrel racing and wrestling steers. At the end of your stay there is a rodeo! This holiday is family friendly but is definitely a rootin tootin experience that will appeal to the guys!

Alternatively Big Sky Yoga Retreats based in Gallatin County Montana is offering ladies only 4 day retreat where as well as the horse riding you can take cookery classes, painting mediation and learn something called cowgirl yoga. Fun, uplifting and featuring luxury accommodation, wine, hot tubs and more, this spiritual experience is the perfect destination for a “gals only” trip away.

Many Horse Riding Vacations in Montana are great for both sexes and all ages. The Lone Mountain Ranch for example offers a great balance between luxury and rustic authenticity. The ranch offers guided horse rides for all levels of horsemen and women as well as added adventures such as fly fishing or cross country skiing if you visit in winter.

The Rocking Z Guest Ranch at Wolf Creek Montana would be an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve or learn horse riding skills. This vacation destination is very horse focused and is all about creating a bond between the horse and rider. Warning you will fall in love with your horse but rest assured that all the animals here are well cared for and loved.

This family ranch is idea for anyone who wants to experience the authentic flavour of ranch life and is a warm and comfortable experience that will feel a lot like visiting friends. The hosts will even give you free riding lessons and according to satisfied guests, you will learn more about riding in a week that you could learn in a year elsewhere!

Riding holidays in Montana offers a variety of experience to suit all tastes and abilities. The biggest star of course is the landscape which is amazing as well as the chance to spend time horse riding which is equally fantastic. Your only decision is to check out the vibe and the extras offered by the various ranch operators to find the vacation which is the most perfect for you.