Gifts for People Who Like to Travel

We are all looking forward to travelling following the COVID pandemic. This means that if you are searching for gifts for people who like to travel, you can be confident that the travellers in your life will be uplifted by a neat travel gift.

So let’s check out some fantastic gifts for people who like to travel.

Space is always a major consideration for any traveller so what about a neat travel passport wallet? The wallets come in a wide variety of colors so are ideal for men or for women. The wallets are great for travel as they help you organise money, cards, documents and your passport and protects your personal information thanks to a blocking shield.

If the traveller in your life is heading off long haul to Europe, Australia or the UK an all in one universal travel adaptor is essential. The JmFone Universal travel adaptor allows you to charge four devices at once and is a vital piece of kit for any long distance traveller.

Gifts for people who travel don’t always need to be practical in order to be useful. The Travel Stub Diary makes it easy to record and remember your trip and is a handy way to store old tickets, postcards and flyers as you get them. Keeping a scrapbook of souvenirs is fantastic way of bringing an adventure to life in years to come and this neat gift makes it easy.

A scarf is part of any traveller’s essential kit. It keeps you feeling warm, protects from the sun and can be used as a pillow or even as a lightweight blanket such as when travelling on chilly planes or ferries. The Waypoint Travel scarf is an infinity scarf with a zipped pocket for storing vital tickets and documents and is a fantastic gift for any serious traveller.

Long trips can be a nightmare for Smartphone users as you can guarantee that your phone will run out of charge just at the wrong moment – either when you want to take a snap or if you have to present e tickets. The PowerCore 20100 Portable Charger from Anker is a high speed portable charger that holds enough power to fully charge your smart phone seven times.

Gifts for people who travel can sometimes provide some added style and luxury. Why not buy the traveller in your life a portable mini hair dryer? This tiny hair blower from EVA NYC is easily portable and means that wherever adventure takes you, your hair always looks good and in control.

Wherever your travels take you, you need to drink water, yet buying bottled water is expensive and bad for the environment. The Brita Premium Water Filter Bottle comes with a built in filter which is good for 40 gallons of water. It removes the chlorine taste of tap water and filters out impurities as well. Please note: only use drinkable water in the filter.