Tips on Eating Healthy on a Cruise

There could be a number of reasons why you may struggle with eating healthy on a cruise. It’s not really a piece of cake (pun intended) to eat cleanly when you are surrounded by foods that are delicious to your taste buds but extremely bad for your health. It’s hard but not impossible to do; the only thing that you need to keep in mind is to make smarter choices regarding what you consume. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to adapt when you have a hard time with eating healthy on a cruise.

4 Tips to Eating Healthy on a Cruise

Avoid the Buffet

Usually, cruises lay out huge buffets for daily meals and lots of people choose to eat there instead of dining in a place where they can have a proper meal. When the entire buffet full of various options, often unhealthy ones, are presented in front of you, it can be pretty hard to resist piling up your plate to try all the food. They all just look so good at first glance. To avoid this, you should consider dining where you choose what you eat, and therefore you can make healthier decisions regarding their meals.

Try Balance

Even if you want to keep your diet healthy, you’re still on vacation and should be able to treat yourself. Consider maintaining a balance. If you plan to have lots of meat for dinner, try to eat lighter foods in the meals that lead up to it. For example, instead of having junk for lunch, switch to a salad. Here, you can even read some cow puns and have a laugh while you eat a meat-free salad.

Pack Some Food

Eating healthy on a cruise becomes easier when you bring some of your own food, especially to snack on. During vacations, when you’re not that busy and are aware that you have food available on the cruise at all times, you are bound to be tempted to snack. But this will be less harmful when your snack is healthy and something you like. For example, healthy snacks like granola bars or other packaged foods that are high in fiber and less in sugars may be a good alternative.

Pick Your Sugar Wisely

Oftentimes, cruises offer desserts with every single meal. This is very unhealthy and the excessive sugar is bound to make you lethargic. So hit the juice bar! And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Don’t indulge in desserts on a daily basis, satisfy your cravings by replacing bad sugars with natural sweeteners and observe the difference as you feel energetic and healthy.

To eat clean on a cruise is hard but very important. Vacations are supposed to be peaceful and like a breath of fresh air from your chaotic life. This can be severely hindered if you don’t maintain a healthy balance within your food options. Be mindful of what you eat. This doesn’t mean you forget to enjoy, so have those pancakes, but don’t forget to replace the whipped cream with fresh berries!