Cleanliness Tips When First Entering a Hotel Room

Staying in a hotel can be a luxurious experience if you are on vacation. It can also be something that you do on a regular basis such as with work, when you might regularly stay in a no frills budget hotel.

However when it comes to the cleanliness level of the average hotel there is no real difference between the top level establishments and a budget option. It all depends upon the ethos of the hotel and whether or not it is run efficiently or is a bit slapdash when it comes to cleaning. After all cleaning staff often come and go and with a busy daily rota of work you can never guarantee that your hotel room is really as clean as it looks.

To help you keep safe check out our cleanliness tips when first entering a hotel room.

1/ use your nose and take a sniff test.

Does your room smell clean or is the over powering aroma of cleaning materials masking underlying bacteria? If you don’t like the smell of the room, it probably indicates that it is not very clean.

2/Check the bedding

Does the bedding look and smell fresh and clean? Are there any marks or stains on the duvet or the comforter? Some hotels have been known to re-use bedding without washing so check this out before you decide to have a nap.

3/ Always wash the glasses in the bathroom before you use them.

Glasses always get overlooked by busy hotel staff and although they may be held under a hot water tap and dried on one of the used towels so look OK , you don’t want to drink out of a dirty glass that may have sat there for months without a proper wash.

4/ Try not to touch the periodicals, hotel information and the TV remote control

These are never cleaned in the average hotel so try not to touch them. If you have your sanitizer with you, try cleaning the TV remote before using. If you must look at the paper information in the room, wash your hands afterwards. These are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria so should be well left alone.

5/ Look under the bed.

If possible look under the bed and see whether it is dusty or not. If there is a thick layer of dust, you know that any cleanliness in the room is superficial and that the rest of the room is unlikely to be as clean as it looks.

6/ Check the cupboards

If you find left items from previous visitors you know that the room has not been thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

Not all hotel rooms are dirty but many of them are not very clean either. To stay safe follow our cleaning tips when first entering a hotel room and take some proactive action.

Always keep your toiletries especially anything that goes in your mouth like your toothbrush, in your own toiletries bag. And if in doubt bring some sanitary wipes and run them over surfaces such as light switches, the coffee machine and everywhere else that may have been touched by other guests.