Can I Travel With Expired Passport and Green Card?

Imagine that your flights are reserved, you have made bookings at the hotel with an amazing room and a stunning view, and you know precisely what adventure tours you’ll be participating in. Your ideal vacation awaits you! As you go down the memory lane on the previous trips, you think of having a look at the stamps on your passport that you have collected over the last few years. But wait! This just cannot be true. With one turn of a page, it appears that your dream holiday is sneaking away right in front of you. You have realized that your passport or your green card have expired. What to do now? Now you must be wondering: “Can I travel with expired passport and green card?” Well, keep reading to find out!

Can You Travel with an Expired Passport?

In simple words, you cannot travel with an expired passport! Even if anybody can get past the air terminal security with a passport that is expired is because of their weak security system or by sheer luck. Regardless of whether you somehow endure security with an expired passport, you might be stuck at your place of destination once the authorities find out about your expired passport. Generally, what will probably occur if you attempt to travel on a passport that is expired is that you will be halted by the security, and will not be allowed to board your flight.

Can You Travel with an Expired Green Card?

A lot of people don’t even realize that their green card has expired. But, it can be fairly risky to travel with an expired green card. Some airlines might totally refuse to let you board the plane with an expired green card as according to U.S. law, airlines need to check your proof of residence along with a valid passport. Although you can easily get your green card renewed when it expires in the U.S., the bigger problem arises when it expires outside the U.S.!

What Do You Do Next?

Now you must be clear on your question, “Can I travel with expired passport and green card?” But, what’s the solution?

If you realize that your passport has expired during the last few hours, few services will help you have your passport renewed as quickly as possible. So, do not take a chance by traveling on an expired passport. Have your passport renewed several months in advance of your trip instead!

If your green card expires while you are in the U.S., the process to renew it can take it a while. But what if you have some travel plans? Well, you can an l-551 Stamp on your foreign passport that would serve as your temporary proof of residence. But, if your green card expires outside the borders of the U.S. and you are afraid that you would not be allowed re-entry in the country, you can fill out a form and submit it at your nearest U.S. embassy to get a boarding foil.

Hopefully, you are now clear on your inquiry of can I travel with expired passport and green card and will keep an eye out for their dates of expiry!