Best Post-COVID U.S. Travel Spots

You don’t need to travel abroad for a wonderful vacation when some of the best natural travel spots in the world are right on your doorstep (or at least only a domestic flight or drive away).

So let’s take a look at some of the best post COVID US travel spots and get your vacation plans rolling.

Route 66

This iconic road known as America’s Highway has been de-commisioned but is still driveable. Head off on a road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, crossing 8 states, passing through miles of iconic scenery and beautiful (and not so beautiful places on the way. The whole route is 2000 miles and is on many people’s bucket list.

Mendenhall Ice caves Alaska

Not for the faint hearted because you can only reach the Ice caves by hiking or kayaking but it is a magical once in a lifetime experience. The caves are a natural formation of the 13 miles long Mendenhall Glacier located 12 miles from Juneau. If you like the idea of being way up north in the great outdoors, Alaska could be the perfect choice.

Big Sur California

Big Sur is situated between Carmel-by-the-Sea and Hearst Castle and covers an area of 90 miles. This is a great destination for a post COVID vacation. You are by the sea, you can take a road trip and drive it and there is plenty to do and see within this stunning region which has inspired artists from around the world.

Crater Lake Oregon

Crater Lake was formed thousands of years ago from a volcanic explosion and is the deepest lake in the USA. The area is a National Park and is ideal for a hiking holiday. The beautiful scenery and the intense blue of the lake are magnificent and there is a mysterious vibe that can feel other worldly.

Apostle Islands, National Lakeshore Wisconsin

Wisconsin may not seem like an obvious vacation destination but Apostle Islands are definitely worth a visit. There are beaches and cliffs to explore along the mainland plus the 21 islands. This area is ideal for adventurers and water enthusiasts such as divers as there are plenty of hidden areas to explore including shipwrecks.

Grand Prismatic Spring Wyoming.

Situated in the Yellowstone National Part, the grand Prismatic Spring is the biggest thermal spring in the USA and is a stunning array of natural color and beauty. The spring is the most photographed feature in the national park and it is easy to see why.

The USA is a wonderfully varied country with stunning natural landscape so you don’t need to visit only the best know places because there are some real gems out there just waiting for you just off the beaten track.

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