Airport Tips to Travelling Light

Packing for a vacation or a short break away can be difficult. The worry is that you will forget something vital but most of us end up with far too much luggage to carry around and pay for. So check out some great airport tips to travelling light and learn how to pack like a pro!

1/ Always put the heaviest items such as shoes and toiletries, at the side of the case nearest the wheels. This makes your case much easier to wheel which is great when you are on a long journey.

2/ Don’t pack too many shoes; they are heavy and take up space. Wear your heaviest shoes and always pack a pair of flip flops because they take up little space and can be amazingly useful. A pair of flats or trainers are great for exercise and for walking round cities. If you are travelling light, you don’t need any more shoes than that!

3/ Always bring a swimsuit. It takes up minimal space and if the weather is warm or your hotel has a pool you don’t have to miss out.

4/ A pashmina scarf is a good idea when you are travelling light. You can take it on the plane with you and use as a blanket or pillow and it also can be used as an accessory to drape over your shoulders if you are out at night.

5/ Slim down the toiletries and cosmetics. If you are going to a hotel, you will be provided with shower gel and shampoo. Take only the cosmetics you need and get a smaller bag for what’s left. You will be amazed at the space you can save.

6/ if you are going to a hotel, ditch your hair dryer. You can use the one in your hotel room.

7/ travel light by leaving some of your electronic devices at home. Do you need your laptop for example when you can use your iPad or smart phone for internet browsing? Do you need a digital camera when you can take great pictures on your phone? Only bring what’s necessary and leave the rest at home.

8/ Get a multiple outlet extender that has a couple of USB ports. That way you can save weight and space by leaving the individual plugs at home.

9/ if you worry about the quality of airport food and want to save money, bringing your own snacks can be a good idea. Make picnic food including some fruit and store it in a disposable bag that you can ditch once you have eaten.

10/ Get a tote bag. When you are travelling light there is no room for fancy small handbags so a good-looking tote bag can fulfil this purpose. Make sure it is roomy enough to store your purse, phone, documents, picnic, and other essential items you need on your journey. But don’t choose one that is so big, it is too heavy to carry!