The below audio material documents two projects we are currently working on.

Artist Title Length
Minibloc à table! 1:51
Minibloc sandwich 0:22
Minibloc chaîne + hérisson 2:35
Minibloc sandwich 2 0:10
Minibloc manivelle 3:21
Minibloc sandwich 3 0:11
Minibloc tourne-nicolas 3:15
Minibloc cassettes 6:59

[mp3 .zip archive / 33MB]

Wood sticks: 
The first project started with a series of machines/instruments we built out of wood sticks. The first idea was to make a radio piece based on recordings of these objects, but while working on that we realized that it could also  be interesting to play live with them.

In the second project we play with endless cassettes and portable tape decks and walkmans. The sound comes from recorded material on tape loops but also from the mechanical and magnetic functioning of the tape decks. We use it in live shows and we plan on presenting small scale sound installations in public parks this summer using this material.