Cosmobiotechnic Drawings



These drawings developed out of a personal interest in scientific and spiritual attempts to harness animate or directed forces in order to prolong life or augment the self or society. New studies involve constructing machinery out of simple abstracted biological parts or altering viruses to create entities which can then enter and "infect" human cells without triggering an immune reaction. A sort of funny parallel can be drawn between these studies and attempts by spiritual practitioners to heal by manipulating terrestrial or extraterrestrial forms of energy, and so the drawings are my way of playing on the concept of of infection. This particular drawing was an attempt to try to use elements from biology/nanotechnology to create a drawing of entities that can appear to be both processes and structures. It consists of three "prototype" machines constructed by using one process to populate latices with slightly different colony types. The lattices are first built with triads of hexagons. Then "Y" shaped skeletal pieces progress through these to an endpoint in the last triad, with their main path edged in yellow.

[Dice Virions]

This drawing is an exploration of how to create drawings using only information from one 6-sided die. Each "virion" requires 6 rolls to be constructed. The order is: size of 1st circle, shape of 2nd polygon, number of points on 1st, number of points on 2nd, style of projections from 1st points, style of projections from 2nd points. The points are then linked up just to add a nice sort of spirograph feel to them.