Track Title Length
Tokyo Yard 4: 01
Secret Rumours 7:43
Digiplate 2:20
Lioness (feat. Melaone) 4:48

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In the digital dub arena there are several ways of expressing ones music. DUBROCKET's focus has been on the genre 'SOUND SYSTEM STYLE', which is most popular in Europe. Coming out of the reggae school of ethics, sound systems would play in the digital dub 'SOUND SYSTEM STYLE', mostly at the end of the night. Following sound systems all over Europe lead to the inevitable conclusion: DUB PLATES DIGIWISE!!

The sound system 'Iration steppas' were the first to play digital files from portable dat players, straight from the studio. With flyers stating 'NO PLASTIC AFTER MIDNIGHT', vinyl must remain on guard. In North America, SOUND SYSTEM STYLE is elite. 'Dub Mission' in San Francisco and 'Black Redemption' in NYC are the strongest.