VJing, Technology and Intelligibility: Exploring the Emergent Practices of VJing Through the Work of Gilbert Simondon


This paper approaches VJ culture with a focus on modes of being together collectively; on the multitudes of groups and communities which are shot-through with the 'technological', the 'cultural' and the 'social' and within which these categories dissolve. I am referring here to groups and communities not as 'cultures' but as 'collectives', to avoid any implication of essentialized group identity, and any inference that cultural groups should consist only of human beings. In this case the work of Gilbert Simondon (1992, 2007), and his concepts of individuation, concretisation and transduction, provide a framework to think of technical action as a mode of being together. These concepts allow for a move beyond the limited notion of human and non-human hybrid, and also beyond notions of collectives organized in terms of typical social structures. This account draws examples from the practices of VJing and analyses some communities that precipitate around these technological actions.