House 11404: Sharing the Love with Improv

For this project (a collaboration with musician Holzkopf aka Jake Hardy), we were asked to perform for a collaborative show entitled ‘11404’ in December of 2007; a show focused on community spaces. The girls of house 11404 (Andrea Pinheiro, Monica Pitre, Gillian Willans), all artists, decided to show their work and the work of those around them. This larger project looked at a revolving cast of artists, roommates and friends who all paid rent or frequently crashed at house 11404 in Edmonton over the past year and a half. The exhibit was a look at what it meant for these artists to cohabitate and share not only working studio spaces, but personal spaces as well. The exhibit was housed at ArtsHab, a visual arts co-operative, which again ties in to community. Our performance was in one of the studios. We documented the event in both digital (with a Panasonic DVX) and analog formats - (an oh-so-pretty 16mm camera from the Czech republic - you can hear it at times as the gent shooting the film was right beside the DVX, which adds great texture to the sound). Tristin Deveau shot 3 rolls of Eastman 7222 negative film, which Kelley hand processed, digitized, inverted, and rendered both the negative and the positive out as QuickTimes, then painted on the stock and digitized that result as well. She took the DVX footage and used it as a base where what you see is what you get, nothing was altered and is a straight-up documentation of the show. The digitized film footage was added to parts of the mix: negative, positive and hand painted, to add an analog touch to the piece. One can see the effects of film, with its coarse grain, especially when it is hand processed, adding chemical stains and oddities. Hand painting the black and white film was added to further the texture and add a unique aesthetic.