[Tobias c. van Veen live @ Placard, MUTEK 2006, MTL. / photo: Tanya Goehring]

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FOIL 20:54

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With samples from Mazen Kerbaj & the Israeli Air Force - begins and ends with one minute of silence.

FOIL blends urban sound recordings with media from wartorn places of the world. The way in which the world hears the sound of its self-destruction is mediated through the ears of all those millions who have played in militarized videogaming environments. Can one find the truth of the two ends of a technological apparatus that simultaneously entertains as it destroys? Is what is lost our ability to distinguish the virtual, audio "simulacra" from the "reality" of the urban soundscape? The question of obsession & fetish over the militarized finds itself meandering the metaphysics of authenticity. (The delicacy and respect to the sounds of violent death?) What we've found is an update on R. Murray Schafer, what we've lost is any sense of retuning the world. (We've even lost the r -- returning the world). Lost & Found? Best heard in a darkened room, with massive headphones capable of the lowest Hz possible... or over the radio, late at night.... or on a system with 18-21" subwoofers... or perhaps, even, over the phone, outfitted with a subwoofer speaker underneath the table. Many possibilities to hear the retuning of the world and the lost spaces of silence.

FOIL blends urban sound recordings with media from wartorn places of the world. With what ears do we hear the war? An urbanscape is mined with explosive interventions from EA's BattleField 2 online wargame. From MTL to Beirut via Electronic Arts™. Detonating itself into the debris of alterity. Explicit references lead to implosive depth charges as FOIL enters into the deafening silence of shell shock. Silence that is not actually silent but rather echoes the low-end subsonic swells of technological nihilism.

Also presented at:

  • Upgrade New York City, November 10th 2006 performance, Eyebeam Atelier, NYC.
  • Upgrade International Oklahoma City, December 2nd, 2006 performance, IAO Gallery, Oklahoma City.