Track Title Length
tomber ici 3:43
tomber encore 4:13
tomber deja 6:56
indigo persona 6:08
winter love 5:54

[mp3 .zip archive / 50MB]


By following the minimal theme of this publication, Bleupulp has composed these five tracks using a very small amount of sounds, loops & vst instruments, opting instead to base this work on an abundant effect processing with the objective of creating an audio landscape that is rich in ambiance, and quite hypnotic by its repetitive structure. Songs #1,2 & 3 are a continuation of each other, inspired by the grey and rainy days of fall season. Song #4 could be somewhat out of nowhere, and could be representing the sweet dreams of a good night of sleep, while song #5 was made with the thought of those comforting snowstorm days when we were kids, happily playing out side when school was cancelled.